The Everywhere Leads Generator

The Everywhere Leads Generator

In many marketing scenarios, leads acquisition is a necessary first-step. Knowing who’s keen to embrace a message, product, or service enables brands to narrow down the field to manageable dimensions. Rather than a scattershot blast, marketing becomes a well-aimed effort directed squarely at receptive eyes and ears — and steered away from the hopelessly disinterested. If cards are played right, the effort will minimize waste and maximize conversions.

For brand marketers utilizing leads generation, video presents a golden opportunity never to be shunned. Video, in fact, is one of the best lead-capturing tools on the planet. One reason for its proven effectiveness is saturation. Thanks to the popularity of mobile devices and services such as YouTube, videos are everywhere. It would be easier to avoid moisture in a rain forest.

The other reason for its effectiveness is the broad range of lead-generating options intrinsic to the medium. Videos intended to qualify prospects can take a variety of forms, each with a designated purpose, user, and appeal.

Among these possible formats is the ‘how-to’ vid. Known for providing tips, help, and instruction, these compact productions offer instant info on topics relevant to viewers. As such, they create a solid bond between brand and prospect.

Another bond-builder is the behind-the-scenes video. This is a showcase of real people, from production personnel to executives, all working hard to deliver customer satisfaction. By accessing the inner beehive, viewers see a brand’s personalized side and as a result, often experience a surge of sympathy.

With these bonds established, prospects generally feel more inclined to take a desired course of action. And it is this response that places them into the coveted qualified leads pool.

Of course, generating the hoped-for response requires an attention-getting call to action (CTA) in every video. This message-closer spells out exactly what leads should do, whether that’s downloading an app, filling out a form, or any other step. Don’t let them guess – include a CTA for maximum assurance.

If you have any questions or comments about using marketing videos to generate leads, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.