The Epic Tale of SuperBrand

The Epic Tale of SuperBrand

It’s true. Your brand can fly. But you’ll have to help it along with a fantastic, riveting story that captures the hearts and minds of consumers. Indeed, telling the right tale can turn a good product into a SuperBrand.

With its awesome potential, brand storytelling is on the minds of many marketers. If you’re planning to join the storytelling club, it’s important to remember you’re not creating a work of fiction. If ever truth in advertising was essential, it’s in this arena. Fudging on the facts, even a bit, can lead to the downfall of your beloved product. So, be straightforward  and honest.

Another consideration is how close to get to your audience – or how far to make the gap. Some brands will thrive better with a closer, personal point of view; others, with a more distant professional formality. Then there’s everything in between. The direction you take depends on the characteristics of both your product and target audience. You’ll definitely want to take sufficient time to evaluate the possibilities and pinpoint your best approach.

Also bear in mind that virtually every story features a character or characters rounded out with a back story. Brands can gain valuable dimension with their own back story. Therefore, it’s a good idea to liven up your product image with some historical background. You know — Where and when was it born? Where did it grow up? What are its hobbies? Etc.

Of course, every character needs a plot. Your brand is no exception. The most compelling plots are built on a foundation of problem, intensifying action, and the solution – your brand arriving on the scene in a daring, last-minute rescue.

Since the story of your SuperBrand gains popularity with widespread exposure, be sure to plaster it everywhere possible in the known universe. Excellent destinations beyond your ‘About Us’ page include social media, blogs, webzines, and online and offline publications. Go for absolute saturation.

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