Engagement Metrics Soon to Take Center Stage in Marketing

Engagement Metrics Soon to Take Center Stage in Marketing

Only conversion rates are more important to brand marketers than this revealing metric. Can you guess what the mystery measurement is? If you said engagement rate, you’re right on the money. ExactTarget reports that this metric is the clear runner up in the popularity contest … trailing the leader by a slim 3%.

There’s good reason for brand marketers to cherish engagement rates. In this, the quick response age, consumers are demanding brand interaction as never before. Forget the one-sided ads that do all the talking. That’s for billboards. Online customers want to be heard. If they aren’t, there’s a good chance they’ll zoom away to a more interactive brand. Not a good way to enhance ROI.

Unfortunately, many marketers are stuck in the mud when it comes to managing engagement. In fact, less than 50% of them actually do any such managing at all. Yet, according to the aforementioned research, 86.2% of this group considered engagement of supreme importance.

So why the discrepancy between the wanting and the having? Many experts point to an obvious culprit – a conspicuous absence of viable metric systems. Without these vital measuring tools clicking and buzzing away on behalf of your business, it’s virtually impossible to gauge the depth of customer involvement.

As it now stands, just a shade above 40% of the respondents in the above study are keeping tabs on consumer engagement in any systematic way. The rest are either wallowing in the dark or are hoping the answers will arrive by some magical means. They won’t.

One thing is certain – Most business owners and marketers are clamoring for a solid resource that measures customer interactions. The stage is set. The role is wide open. Who or what will fill it remains to be seen. But you can bet your bottom dollar it’s on its way.

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