Ecommerce Marketing: Why They’re Playing by Brick-n-Mortar’s Rules

Ecommerce Marketing: Why They’re Playing by Brick-n-Mortar’s Rules

What can ecommerce marketers do? The physical store still pulls plenty of shoppers. Research bears this out. Expect the numbers to climb as more and more retailers transform their stores with digital enhancements. Fresh look, immersive experience, can’t miss.

Clearly, the real world still rules. Life in the round has immense appeal for consumers. Will digital marketers get squeezed out? Not if they play the game by brick-n-mortar rules. That means, going 3D. Many already have done so.  Two primary advantages are driving ecommerce marketers to embrace the three-dimensional experience.

One is interactivity. Want to change your focal point? With 3D imagery, users can zero in on any part of a product. Maybe you’re eyeballing a convertible and want to catch more details. OK, zoom to the dashboard and scan the dazzling instrument panel. Swoop to an overhead shot if you like. Or lift the hood and gape at the engine. Maybe even start ‘er up. It’s all possible with 3D power.

3D graphics also hit harder than flat imagery. Consider apparel. How much warmer is that fuzzy woolen sweater when it’s rendered in the round? This impact advantage applies to virtually any product category.

OK, so much for visual appeal. What about influence – Does the 3D experience spur action? Research indicates it does.

According to Cappasity 3D, a research firm, a hefty 82% of users view products in three dimensions when given the choice. Even more impressive, 3D kicks video right off center stage – a decisive 95% of users opt for 3D over video when there’s a choice.

So, what happened? Digital and physical retailers were supposed to grow further apart. Instead, brick-n-mortar stores are going digital, while ecommerce retailers are veering toward 3D physicality. Clearly, great marketing minds are thinking alike.

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