Digital Marketing: Why Marketers Need Pixel Power

Digital Marketing: Why Marketers Need Pixel Power

‘Get to know your customers’ — this arguably is the oldest and most often-recited of all marketing maxims. The phrase has been worn to a nub through the ages. Nevertheless, it rings true then and now. Marketers must know the shopper mind; know what drives their actions. Minus this knowledge, messaging is wild guessing. There’s no getting around it. The better you know ‘em, the better you connect.

Facebook understands this. And to prove it, the social media mainstay provides the Facebook Pixel. This convenient info tool charts customer habits, revealing motivations with digital efficiency. When properly deployed, Pixel is pure gold for Facebook marketers.

The Facebook Pixel creates a stream of high-value customer data. It does this by monitoring the actions of website visitors simultaneously logged into Facebook. Once this connection is set, Pixel tracks their online actions. Marketers can use this intel to designate specific user groups. For example, visitors who’ve gone to a certain page, visitors who’ve arrived within the last 24-hours, etc. The category list is unlimited.

These visitor categories give marketers a major edge. Campaigns can be molded to match each targeted segment, creating ideal conditions for customer engagement. Customized target marketing at its finest.

But customer grouping is only one facet of this extraordinary tool. Pixel is packed to the hilt with snappy features. One of these is Custom Conversions. This feature enables marketers to target a specific action and tie it to the completion page. For instance, a page that requires visitors to supply information in exchange for a gift, or to sign up for a newsletter subscription. Utilizing Pixel, marketers easily can determine the number of completed actions, and who did the completing.

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