Digital Marketing: What’s a Playlist Worth? … Plenty

Digital Marketing: What’s a Playlist Worth? … Plenty

As a digital marketing platform, YouTube clearly is a force to reckon with. Statistically speaking, the video site currently draws the second-highest quantity of web traffic. This inflow of visitors has created a golden opportunity for marketers – an opportunity to build brand awareness on an unprecedented level.

So why not make the most of a good thing? Marketers can fine-tune their awareness-building efforts by taking advantage of YouTube’s numerous features. One of these features is the playlist. At their core, playlists unify a collection of videos under a single topic or category. For instance, a brand might be showcasing a recently-introduced product. In one handy watch-zone, all videos dealing with the said product are conveniently accessible.

This convenient grouping creates an interesting opportunity for brand marketers – instead of single-video brand exposure, the collection invites viewings of multiple videos. All in one sitting. Such extended viewing often occurs when playlists are offered to the viewing public. Thus, brand exposure is multiplied for as long as viewers remain glued.

Playlists can be equally attractive to search engines. Frequently, searches will display these groupings at the very top of a results page. Thus, in many cases, the list delivers a big boost to a brand’s SEO rankings.

One reason for this improved SEO traction is keyword exposure. On one level, playlist videos may target a common primary keyword or phrase. On another, each of the videos also can be linked with a secondary keyword or two. Therefore, a search for any one of the secondary keywords can bring the entire playlist up on the results page. Basically, you’re generating multiple brand videos for a single keyword. Quite a dividend!

But wait, there’s more! In addition to providing increased exposure, playlists enhance a brand’s engagement power. When videos are suitably enticing, viewers often keep on watching. As viewing time increases, so do the engagement power of the playlist.

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