Digital Marketing Tips: Squeezing Profits from the Seasonal Shift

Digital Marketing Tips: Squeezing Profits from the Seasonal Shift

There’s no such thing as an endless summer for seasonal retailers. When September rolls in,  that’s it – the summer merchandise generally is jettisoned and duly replaced by the Fall and Winter stock.

And yet …

Before the seasonal switch occurs, certain retailers embrace an interim period -- The End of Summer season. This slice of time, typically a few measly weeks, won’t appear on any calendar in the known universe. It was concocted by marketers and merchandisers intent on squeezing the last ounces of profit from a fading season. And who can blame them?

If you’re one of these summer salvagers, you’re working within a limited time frame. You’ve got a few weeks to grind out those last-minute profits. That’s it. Then it’s the thick of Autumn. Therefore, it’s best to employ a few proven strategies to boost your chances of success. Among the most effective ones in the offing are the following:

Target a Single Group – Offer special deals to select groups on your customer or prospect list. The segments could be divided according to business type, geographic region, lifestyle, etc.

Re-Imagine Your Website – During the shift from summer to fall, customers expect retailers to reflect the change. One way to capture the seasonal transformation is to do a website makeover. If you’re feeling especially daring, do the same with your email format. Again, you’re aiming for quick results. Attention-getting changes will help you achieve this goal.

Explore New Marketing Channels – Don’t get stuck in a rut. If you’ve been relying on certain marketing channels such as YouTube, diversify and expand. Leveraging the power of social media, blogs, newsletters, and other alternatives is an excellent way to thrust a new you into the new season.

Offer a Fabulous End of Summer Deal – Extend the fading season by giving away a special gift to a special customer. Raffles serve nicely when going the gift-giving route. And make sure the giveaway is something summery. Hint: A fishing trip works better than a ski vacation  -- that’s for the end of winter sale.

If you have any questions or comments about end of summer marketing, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.