Digital Marketing: Success for Pennies a Pop


It costs only a few cents. But when it hits the target, the results can be extraordinary. The phenomenon is email marketing or e-marketing for those wish to conserve syllables. True, the digitally sent message often gets junked or re-directed. A paltry percentage of mailings ever reach their destination. No matter. Those that make it often generate fabulous dividends.

What are some advantages of email marketing? As previously mentioned, the messages are deliciously dirt cheap. If brand marketers were to average out the cost, the grand total would skyrocket to a couple of cents. These bargain rates are particularly compelling in the face of rising printing and postage costs. If you’re pricing written messages, e-marketing easily triumphs in any cost-benefit comparison.

Consider also arrival time. The e-message is virtually instantaneous. For brand marketers counting on the quick response, the digital delivery is the hands down winner. Quickness, however, is not limited to send times. E-marketing also expands response speeds for the messengers. If content changes are required, quick updates are the ready answer. In the blink of an eye, the refurbished message is on its way.

And let’s not forget the efficiency element. Compared to other types of marketing media, an e-message campaign is refreshingly easy to manage. The residual effect is noticeable by managers on every level – more time to tackle other tasks.

Finally, e-marketing provides instant access to your website and other digital destinations. The gateways, of course, are strategically placed hyperlinks. Word to the wise – DO NOT drop video, audio, and other digital content into your message. Link to them. The added content is not only a distraction, it’s a major slowdown to load speeds.

If you have any questions or comments e marketing, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.