Digital Marketing Strategies: Steer Clear of Stormy Seas

Digital Marketing Strategies: Steer Clear of Stormy Seas

You’re ready to launch a marketing campaign into the waiting world. But will you build it on the right framework? The framework in question consists of four core elements. If even one piece is missing or out of place, you’re a ship without a rudder – in stormy seas.

Fortunately, you can steer clear of the howling winds and ensure smooth sailing. All it takes is effective implementation of the four core elements. The first of these is knowing what you want to accomplish. Your marketing goal, whatever it is, should be etched in stone. Yet, not only do goals often remain un-etched – they often aren’t even clear to the marketing squad. Vague notions are all they can grasp.

Don’t get sloppy about this. Identify your main objective, get it firmly in mind, and steer a straight path to this crucial destination. No detours, no rest stops.

Goals come in all shapes and sizes, from increasing web traffic to boosting customer engagement to enhancing social media presence. Know yours in advance, and you’ll be miles closer to success, fame, and fortune.

Something else that should be known to marketers are the goings-on in the competitor’s camp. Is the other team pulling ahead, grabbing market share? You’ll need to outflank them.

What strategies are the competition using, which media are they employing, and what SEO keywords are they monopolizing are just some of the questions that should be asked and answered to your complete satisfaction. But these inquiries are only the beginning. Marketing strategists also must develop countermeasures to the plans of their worthy competitor. The tools will be creativity, insight, diligence, and if necessary, coffee by the gallon.

Third among the core elements is your vault of campaign tools. Basically, these consist of the media and channels chosen to connect with prospects. The tools include industry favorites such as online videos, social media posts, and banner ads. These, of course, should be matched to the personality and preferences of your soon-to-be mesmerized prospects.

Messaging, the fourth core element, also must be precision-matched to the contours and psychology of the intended recipient. What you communicate and how you convey it is of supreme importance to the digital brand marketer. The message is the final link in the chain, the driver of action. Unless it’s finely-honed to resonate with recipients, your precious content will miss the mark by a country mile. And so, unfortunately, will your campaign. Serve prospects something they can sink their teeth into, and chances are good they’ll respond with gusto.

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