Digital Marketing: Launch Your Brand into a Global Orbit

It’s hard to ignore the numbers … Americans spend more than anyone else on eCommerce goodies. And the numbers are climbing. So why market your brand globally? Isn’t there enough gold here in our own backyard? Only if you’re planning to clamp down on profits. If you’re looking to break a few revenue records, you should be an international player. With the right global exposure, the world will flock to your doorstep. At least, that’s the goal.

The international shopper is a well-qualified individual. Many are itching to spend – and spend big. If only they knew where to drop their dough. Brand marketers can forge a path to the land of wish fulfillment – your eCommerce website. Your highest priority will be driving global traffic to that destination.  

This is no guessing game. Solid research uncovering the culture and character of every nation on your marketing list is urgently needed. People may be the same all over, but their shopping habits often are kilometers apart. Brands must know these habits and market accordingly.  

The use of humor can be particularly dicey. Sure, comedy works wonders. What makes one culture guffaw, however, may have zero impact on another. Nevertheless, tickling the international funny bone is a worthy goal. Ample research demonstrates the high engagement value of humor. Brands, therefore, can benefit enormously by leveraging comedy power on the international stage. First, however, they must discover what plays where.

First-hand cultural knowledge is especially valuable when pursuing international shoppers. Which makes face-to-face interaction the best course of action. The marketing team, therefore, should demand an all-expense-paid trip to every nation or nations under consideration. Strictly for research purposes, of course.  Don’t take no for an answer. Mingling is a must.

Once an audience is intimately understood, you’re ready to launch your campaign, right? Not unless you prefer guesswork. If you’d rather rely on accuracy, an airtight strategy is the way to go. The said strategy will incorporate your cultural data and channel it into blogs, social media posts, videos, and all the rest of your chosen media. Unleash it all on the world … then cross your fingers.  

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