Digital Marketing: Insist on Less for Instagram Videos

Digital Marketing: Insist on less for Instagram videos

With digital marketing expanding its reach, brands are riding the trend with gusto. All avenues are being explored. One such avenue is the online video -- especially those inhabiting the social media space. Instagram is one of those spaces, a realm ripe for snappy vids.

Video success, however, is not a guarantee. Many simply don’t engage. Instead, these ho-hummers drive viewers away in droves.

So, what separates the winners from the losers? No mystery here. As with any medium, digital marketers must address certain video priorities. When they’re properly addressed, the odds rise in the video’s favor.

One of the first priorities is running time. Short and sweet is the generally recommended duration for the typical online video. On Instagram, however, this temporal space becomes an iron-clad decree. One measly minute is all you’re allowed on this platform. But even that’s pushing it. Something along the lines of half a minute is closer to the mark. In fact, word around town is that 26-seconds generates the most favorable responses. Clearly, content must be compressed to fit designated parameters. Easier said than done. But that’s what creativity is for.

What does all this say about audiences? Much about the current state of attention spans. In the online realm, these are short and easily disrupted. Hence, the necessity of 60-second time limits. This, of course, assumes viewers will stick it out to the conclusion. A very risky assumption. Because if viewers aren’t hooked right from the get-go, they’re apt to flee.

The solution: Grab ‘em from the beginning. Motion is crucial. Digital marketers should incorporate movement into a video’s first few precious seconds. Static images will push many users toward something more engaging. In fact, sometimes the static video is mistaken for a photograph. With enough movement in the opening moments, this mistake is far less likely.

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