Digital Marketing: How to Whet Consumer App-Ettites


Fact: apps help boost brand sales. But, if new on the scene, an app must be sold first. Not in the literal sense. But somehow, people must know it’s out there and feel a keen sense of interest. Brands must whet app-ettites, as it were. Therefore, slick, skillful app promoting is a required step.

App promoting resembles the promotion of any other brand element. Instead of highlighting a product, however, brands showcase a piece of software that connects people with products. A stepping-stone in the process.

During the app promotion phase, brands should start with – surprise – a website. As with products and services, the new app rarely is common knowledge in the consumer community. People won’t know it exists without relevant information. The most obvious of the available info-sources is the tried and true website. It needn’t be a digital spectacular. Just something simple proclaiming the app’s purpose and value.

Does an app-dedicated website exceed budgetary or time restrictions? No problem. A simple landing page will do the trick. Any functioning learning resource is beneficial.

Users, of course, must be driven to the app site. For this, there’s another familiar tool - search engine optimization. That’s right. App promotion benefits enormously from strategically developed content properly key-worded. Blogs, press releases, social media posts, and all the rest offer excellent promotional platforms. Think of promoting an app as promoting a product.

A demo video of your app will also work wonders. Be sure to keep the vid on the short side, with a duration of 30-60 seconds. Within these confines, demonstrate the app in all its glory, highlighting its extraordinary value and (hopefully) ease of use.

Humor and other snappy touches can help your video stand out and keep users riveted. Your app might be a serious matter. But that doesn’t preclude lightheartedness when promoting it.

Above all, make certain your app lives up to its publicized reputation. Bugs and other issues sometimes surface after apps are launched. Minimize the problem in advance with thorough testing. Remember, stellar promotions won’t save an app that fails to deliver.

If you have questions or comments about marketing your brand app, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.