Digital Marketing: Extend the Power of Google Ads

Digital Marketing: Extend the Power of Google Ads

Praise to Google Ads. Nothing is better at spotlighting your brand during an online search for products or services. Advertisers, however, needn’t limit themselves to the basic info –not when there’s more to be had from this powerful promotional resource. In truth, Google Ads can be revved up amazingly. How? By utilizing the search engine’s readily-available extensions. Google Ad extensions, as they’re known, function as a content amplifier, increasing the impact, information, and relevance of the promotional message.

Before unleashing the power of Google Ad extensions, some setup is indicated. During the setup phase, strategists can choose from a generous range of possibilities. Naturally, those that are most relevant are the optimal choices. Determining relevance, of course, is a personal matter that depends on the goals and requirements of the brand in question.

One of the most powerful Google ad extensions at the disposal of digital marketers is the sitelink extension. As its name implies, this link carries visitors to specific web pages within a website. If, for instance, your target destination is a new product page, a sitelink extension provides an easily clickable portal.

Callout extensions are another powerful tool in the lineup. Essentially, these are summaries of additional information that brands feel compelled to communicate. Maybe you’re running a major sale on retro lamps. A callout extension will draw attention to this fact with an efficiently concise packet of text.

Not to be ignored is the location extension. Providing specific information about the whereabouts of a business entity, this link supplies ‘how-to-get-there’ directions to curious users. Clearly, this is of extremely high value to merchants in the brick and mortar camp.

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