Digital Marketing: Every Brand Should Be Seen Through This Periscope

What packs more punch than a snappy post plastered on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all the rest?  A little more than a year ago, brand marketers would have groped for an answer. Those platforms seemed virtually invincible when it came to widespread impact and reach. But in the last year, a new kid on the block has muscled into established territory. The kid is named Periscope, a social platform boasting its own unique twist.

The twist is real-time video. Periscope is designed to receive and transmit live broadcasts to eager viewers. And you, the brand, are the transmitter. All you need is an HD video cam and something to say.

No static messages here. This is webcam meets news broadcast in one convenient launch-point. The possibilities are endless – literally. Brands can stream video 24/7/365 if they’re stuck for things to do.

Which content is best for this medium? What makes the ideal ‘show’? This mystery has yet to be solved. Exploration and innovation will deliver worthy answers. The good news is — certain pioneers already have discovered some practical ways to capitalize on the virtues of this new frontier.

One important step is to emphasize your brand’s internal culture. Cultural aspects shouldn’t be limited to sellable inventory. Reveal some personal glimpses of your inner enterprise. Outings, casual office get-togethers, even celebrations are compelling audience-grabbers suitable for the live broadcast. Viewers readily appreciate these behind-the-scenes peeks.

Brands also can benefit from leveraging the power of interactivity – a power generously supplied by Periscope. Here’s how it works. During the broadcast, the platform can display a viewer chatbox. Audience members can fire instant feedback into the handy box. What they think about the video can be instantly known.

This, however, isn’t a one-way street. Alert brands can come right back at them with sparkling responses, thus creating a sizzling conversation as the video streams. Could this be next for conventional TV broadcasts?

If you have any questions or comments about marketing your brand via the Periscope platform, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.