Digital Marketing: All Your Funnel Needs is a Little Understanding

Digital Marketing: All Your Funnel Needs is a Little Understanding

It doesn’t matter what your brand is selling. If you operate a website, lavish undivided attention on The Marketing Funnel. Respect what it says and learn its story. Doing so will make all the difference in the world when it comes to results.

As with its physical counterpart, the website funnel has a tapered top and wide bottom. In its upper regions, the customer story begins. The tale told is one of popularity, revealing a paramount marketing metric – the number of website visitors you’re racking up. If the numbers sizzle, smile – but don’t celebrate. You’ve only scratched the surface. Now, brand marketers, you must coax visitors to the ultimate destination – the bottom of the funnel.

All desired action takes place at the bottom – providing guests are compelled to take it. At the funnel bottom, or conversion zone, visitors either do what you want, or they don’t. Possible user actions include (but are not limited to) downloading information, filling out contact forms, and the brass ring – exchanging currency for one’s beloved product or service. Completing any one of these or other possible steps qualifies as a conversion.

However, between funnel top and funnel bottom lie various stages of the digital journey. Visitors must cross all. At any one of these intervals, guests can step off and scamper away. Opportunity lost.

Traffic conversion metrics provide a vivid picture, spelling out in no uncertain terms the percentage of visitors who convert. If the numbers are disappointing, corrective measures are in order.

Start the correction process by studying the phenomenon, acquiring a deep understanding of funnel activities. What’s really going on in there? Scrutinize each stage. Where are guests abandoning? Once these exit points are pegged, marketers can zero in and make remedial modifications.

For this purpose, campaign tracking codes are golden. By utilizing these handy mechanisms, marketers can ascertain which campaigns are driving traffic away and which are propelling visitors to the end zone. Track, learn, correct – the quickest road to more conversions.

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