Doing the Digital Dance

Doing the Digital Dance

Branding pros of every stripe are dancing to the beat of digital marketing. How powerful is the rhythm? You can get an idea from the results of the 2015 Digital Trends Report issued by Adobe and Econsultancy. The report surveyed over 6,000 business executives worldwide to answer the eternal question –what is the impact of digital on their marketing activities? Here are a few key findings:

20% of the executives considered digital marketing a totally separate endeavor from their general marketing efforts. The remainder, however, regarded digital as integrated with their marketing efforts. Some even saw digital as their entire marketing approach.

Apparently, marketers are still thirsty for more. According to the report, 69% of participants claimed they’ll be ‘experiment heavily’ with digital in 2015.

So what do the experimenters hope to accomplish? In a nutshell — an improved customer experience. This means pulling together all those once-separate marketing channels, nice and neat for customers. Indeed, ‘omnichannel integration’ is what today’s savvy shopper expects. It’s so much easier on the busy brain when online, mobile, social, content, and data are all seamlessly woven together.

Developing an omnichannel presence requires another kind of integration, which links technical, creative, and business resources into unified team. No cake walk, of course. But well worth the effort.

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