Did You Know These 10 Facts about Twitter on its 10th Birthday?

Did You Know These 10 Facts about Twitter on its 10th Birthday? - YoungCompany.com

Happy 10th birthday, Twitter!

Since Twitter’s somewhat humble beginning in 2006, it has become an integral resource for news, gossip, conversation and advertisement in the lives of its millions of users. Twitter has opened doors for brands, businesses, and people to communicate with the world in 140 characters or less.

Twitter is celebrating its big day by showing their appreciation and gratitude to its users worldwide—the company shared this heartwarming message on their blog this morning:

“As we mark this milestone, it’s you we want to celebrate. As March 21 begins around the world, each of our global offices will kick off the day by showing our appreciation and gratitude — starting in Sydney and following the sun to headquarters in San Francisco. We are excited to celebrate with all of you.

Throughout the years, you’ve made Twitter what it is today and you’re shaping what it will be in the future. Thank you for making history, driving change, lifting each other up and laughing together every day.”

Love, Twitter #LoveTwitter

TwitterLogo_Young Company is celebrating the big day by sharing 10 interesting facts you might not have known about Twitter! Check them out:

1. It all began when Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Jack Dorsey came together from a failed podcasting company Odeo.

2. The name was originally “Twttr”

3. The definition of twitter is “a short burst of inconsequential information” and “to utter in chirps”

4. The first tweet by @Jack was “just setting up my twttr”, followed by tweet 38 posted by @Dom “Oh, this is going to be addictive”

5. The reason the character limit is 140 is because the SMS carrier limit was 160 and they needed to leave room for username.

6. Katy Perry has the most followers on Twitter amounting to 84.1 Million.

7. The official name of Twitter’s bird is Larry.

8. Twitter’s video sharing app is called Vine, short for Vignette meaning “a short impressionistic scene.”

9. The time from the first to the billionth tweet: three years, two months and one day.

10. The Twitter story is being turned into a TV show.

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