Cutting-Edge Marketing: Fine-Tune Your Podcast Strategies


If you think brands should be seen and not heard, it’s time to get enlightened. Thanks to the current podcast blitz, audio content is a hot commodity. Brands are unleashing podcasts by the thousands. Most are aired on mobile devices, where quick, convenient content is paramount. No surprise there. But no matter where the podcast surfaces, one fact is undeniable – they work.

The podcast combines snappy entertainment, high-value info, and easy access. A tough act to top. Which means the podcast population is bound to swell in the coming years. This raises some key questions:

Will marketers be prepared? Will their podcast strategies hit the mark? If you’d like to answer ‘yes’ to these questions, the following guidelines will help:

First, remember a podcast title can appear in searches. And it will rank much higher if suitably optimized. Marketers should start with the episode title. Place the keyword or speaker’s name first. This positioning makes the title more noticeable to search engines.

If you’re stuck for keywords, seek help from the many available keyword tools. Google’s keyword planner is among the most popular.

Marketers also should be thinking maximum exposure. Post your podcast on every conceivable outlet. Spotify, iTunes, and your brand’s YouTube channel are excellent possibilities. What’s this?  Your brand doesn’t have a YouTube channel? Get one. Or you’ll be ignoring one of the planet’s premier digital resources. Never forget the golden rule – spread the word as far as you can. This includes working in some email exposure. You can accomplish this by placing a podcast link in a conspicuous spot -- such as the general vicinity of your signature line.

Finally, if you haven’t switched to automated guest scheduling, do so.  Automation is much easier than playing email tag with prospective guests. Many scheduling tools such as ScheduleOnce are readily available and easily implemented.

Clearly, podcasts are a force to reckon with. But to harness this force, marketers must implement effective strategies. Those listed above are an excellent place to start.

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