Pumpkins are different – October 2016

Changing Tides - October 2016

Although temperatures have not decreased appreciably in SoCal, It is officially Fall and this month we celebrate All Hallows Eve. 89% of Americans may go to the internet to research, shop and purchase everything from duct tape to chocolate cake, but pumpkins are different. Some have more personality than others. You really must see a pumpkin face to face – ideally, from all angles – to determine whether it can be carved into your personal masterpiece and transformed from a big orange squash to a Happy Jack or Scary Jerry. Sure, you can order plastic and candy pumpkins online, but if you want the real thing, there is no substitute for a trip to the pumpkin patch. Enjoy the season!

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Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight: MWS Wire Industries

MWS Wire Industries

MWS Wire Industries manufactures and inventories the world’s largest selection of magnet and specialty wires, with over 50,000 types and sizes in stock. For almost 50 years they have delivered proprietary products and excellent service – always performing above and beyond their customers’ expectations.

MWS Wire Spools

Employee Spotlight: Robyn DeTorres

Robyn DeTorres

Ranked by LinkedIn as one of the top ten digital marketing strategists in the U.S., Robyn is one of the elite few who speak in terms of bots, algorithms, CPC and conversions, and knows the right tools to push websites out of the doldrums and up to the head of their category. With a penchant for design, Robyn loves black and white photography, creating works of art in stained glass, and spending time with her family.