Event Marketing Takes Center Stage – June 2018

Changing Tides - June 2018

While social media and digital marketing get the biggest buzz these days, we have discovered that client programs centered around an event get the best results. Event marketing tops the marketing agenda for the year by providing an organizing principle that can be supported by all marketing channels.

Whether it’s a seminar, webinar, user conference or trade show, the three most important factors for success are:

  • Compelling Theme (simple research can help a lot here)
  • Solid Planning (realistic deadlines and defined responsibilities)
  • Progressive Promotion (start early and pick up the pace closer to the date)

When planning the frequency and mediums for the promotion, keep in mind that email inboxes are so overloaded these days and spam filters are so hard at work that a high percentage of your message will not get through. If budget allows, a validated database that enables mail and phone contact as well as email blasts, is an effective way to reach a lot more of your target.

The value of event marketing goes way beyond the number of attendees at a given event. The promotion builds awareness and positions your company as an industry leader. It also compels you to refresh your sales messaging strategy so that it’s relevant in an ever-changing competitive marketplace.

Please feel free to reach me anytime at byoung@youngcompany.com or 949-376-8404.

Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight: Avistone


Avistone is a unique real estate investment firm with expertise in the acquisition and management of multi-tenant industrial properties. The company excels at identifying and acquiring high-yield, high-return, multi-tenant industrial properties below replacement cost. Historically, Avistone has rewarded investors with averaged preferred returns of 8% or higher on their 16 properties. Through strategically-placed Google ads and Facebook advertising produced by Young Company, Avistone recently acquired the funding needed to purchase their 17th acquisition, Northwest Center Business Park in Atlanta, Georgia for $13,689,000. Congratulations, Avistone!

Employee Spotlight: Katherine Derloshon

Katherine Derloshon

Focused and disciplined, Katherine has expanded her career from the retail world to support a number of high-quality clients at Young Company. Her career started at Boot Barn, where she expanded upon her reporting and analytical skills to become a Junior Marketing Communications consultant and brand consistency expert. Katherine developed her strong creative writing and design skills at University San Diego, where she received her Bachelor’s in Visual Arts and Marketing. When Katherine isn’t busy at Young Company, you can find her out riding horses or hiking with her dog.