“Never Trust a Stranger” is so Last Century – July 2018

Changing Tides - July 2018

Review marketing shifts the paradigm.

Thanks to the world wide web, what used to be common sense, “never trust a stranger” has been totally overturned when it comes to shopping online. Today, a whopping 88% of consumers trust product reviews from strangers as much as advice from close friends and family. This puts an anonymous online synopsis on par with the age-old reliability of word-of-mouth marketing.

Yelp turns anonymous voices into a 5-Star review score that can make or break a company.

The largest websites that offer reviews are Google, Facebook, and Amazon. However, the most popular website dedicated only to reviews is Yelp. Even with its silly cartoon-like red burst logo, do not underestimate the power of Yelp to make or break a business.  Young Company got involved in helping several clients improve their Yelp score. We had modest success, but had to admit that Yelp was even-handed and not out to get them. The bad reviews were honest accounts of real customers having bad experiences.

Just like Facebook, Yelp was not created to be an advertising medium.

Yet, it is now. The fact is about 90% of people reviewing products and services on Yelp actually make a purchase from one of those they have reviewed. Which means Yelp reaches people right when they are ready to buy. And that, in and of itself, creates many selling opportunities.  In May, Yelp established an agency partner program and Young Company is pleased to announce it is now a Yelp Certified Agency Partner.

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Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight:

ATI Restoration

American Technologies, Inc. is the largest family-owned disaster recovery company in the U.S. with more than 1,000 employees operating out of 20 locations. They are the team that comes in immediately after big natural disasters as well as smaller ones, like a kitchen fire. They not only have the teams to clean up and rebuild quickly to reduce your downtime, they have a department of people who excel at negotiating with insurance companies. They know how it works, what will fly and what not to do, so you get maximum value from your policy. ATI served Young Company in January following a restaurant fire next door and the experience was incredible. The clean-up occurred over the weekend and employees had no idea that there had been any smoke or water damage. In fact, they had no clue that anything had happened! Now that’s as good as it gets. If you have a need, contact www.atirestoration.com at 1-877-2995.

ATI Restoration - Workers

Employee Spotlight: Ally Cook

Ally Cook

Ally Cook is a media planner, strategist, and people person who is currently sharpening her talents at the University of Oregon. Ally strives to plan and execute digital content that will intrigue her peers, and other creatives in the world. She is interested in all things related to digital marketing and is passionate about finding creative solutions. When she’s not planning different media executions or developing strategy, you can find Ally studying sports or taking a dip in the ocean. Ally is a hyper excessive and die-hard Anaheim Angels fan, patiently awaiting the World Championship to return to the West Coast. Ally is eager to learn more about the ever-changing digital marketing world and ready to tackle any projects thrown her way.