Its not what you attract, but what you catch that counts – February 2019

Changing Tides – February 2019

Attracting eyeballs has a cost, and it can be high. Which is why a lot of attention goes towards the creativity that's put into any advertising campaign. Successfully drawing attention, eyeballs and clicks is very important, but it's only half the story. The other half is lead conversion.

Done right, lead conversion tracking monitors and reports every lead, product purchase and many other user actions, such as signing up for a newsletter or white paper, submitting an information form, responding with a telephone call and downloading a must-have app.

Conversion tracking records any high-value user action that occurs after contact with your brand. While contact is typically made online,  offline touches can and should be monitored as well. Ultimately, these action-reports confirm the validity and effectiveness of a specific brand marketing campaign. If users respond in sufficient numbers, smile — your campaign is gold. If not, rethinking is in order.

Sometimes, conversion tracking is confused with attribution. They ARE NOT one and the same. Attribution assigns ROI value to each phase of the customer funnel after a purchase has been made. It answers the question: How much revenue did each engagement generate?

Conversion tracking, in contrast, measures user actions, not revenues. By monitoring these actions, the tool can reveal a campaign’s strong and weak points. For instance, if your brand is sputtering in the marketplace, you probably want an explanation. Conversion tracking brings full transparency to critical factors such as keyword effectiveness, PPC ad engagement, bounce rates and more. All of these variables will impact brand performance. Depending on the metrics, brand marketers can adjust their program to match results: more support for the strong points; game-changing adjustments for the flimsy ones.

Client Spotlight: Weartech International

Weartech International

Founded in 1990, Weartech International is a producer of cobalt-based hard-facing and wear-resistant welding consumables, providing technical solutions to customers facing significant tool erosion problems. Weartech is headquartered in Anaheim, CA, with an additional manufacturing facility in Port Talbot, Wales. Young Company produces an online and offline marketing program to reach new customers in a number growing markets.

Employee Spotlight: Lianna Grider

Lianna Grider

We are happy to welcome Lianna Grider as a winter Marketing Intern at Young Company! A Business and Marketing major, Lianna will graduate from the Paul Merage School of Business at UC Irvine in the Spring with specializations in social media, copywriting, and Influencer marketing. During her three months as an intern at Young Company Lianna will join our social media team in planning and goal setting, development of brand awareness and online reputation, content management, SEO and cultivation of leads and sales.