Google takes a bite out of Apple – February 2017

Changing Tides - February 2017

As of today, Google is the world’s most valuable brand, based on market cap. It bested Apple, who has held this position for some time. With respect to innovation and value, Apple has had many major wins over the past decade that propelled it to the top. However, the nature of those innovations which marry hardware and software tend to have shorter life cycles than those which are solely software based. The consumption of iPods and iPads has dropped off dramatically. The iWatch sales have slowed and the new iPhone has been the worst new product introduced by Apple in recent history.

But all this only devalues Apple and does not put Google on top. What does, is the fact that Google has been the best-known brand in the world for several years now, and that kind of brand recognition, once held by Apple and Jeep, gives the Google brand a serious competitive advantage. As for value, Google has made some changes to its AdWords program (Google’s No. 1 source of income) that have pushed up sales and profits – a good move for Google albeit an unpopular one with advertisers. But that’s competition; and competition is what makes business the most fascinating game of all. Speaking of games, I hope you enjoy the Super Bowl this Sunday.

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Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight: Electron Beam Engineering, Inc

EBE Logo

Electron Beam Engineering, Inc. offers electron beam welding services and laser welding services in the U.S. and Europe. With modern and fast equipment, EBE provides quick turnaround on projects. Serving numerous industries including medical, aerospace, automotive, and sensor, the EBE team are the electron beam and laser beam welding experts.

Employee Spotlight: Kaitlyn Kambestad

Kaitlyn Kambestad

As the Social Media Manager at Young Company, Kaitlyn provides strong skills in the areas of creativity, collaboration and discipline. Add to these her extensive experience in digital marketing, and our clients are assured of receiving content that is persuasive and compelling.

As a creative, Kaitlyn continues to participate in theater productions. She is always in the mood for fine wine and enjoys spending her free time with her family.