Is last minute shopping a thing of the past? – December 2018

Changing Tides - December 2018

If you decided to skip the crowds on Black Friday, you are not alone. In-store retail traffic was down about 1.7% over 2017¹. Although Thanksgiving weekend spending was up about 4.5%². So overall, things are off to good holiday shopping season. And if you were brave and joined the more than 165 million Americans who did go shopping, well, you were definitely not alone.

What is more significant than the Black Friday retail results is the 23.5%² increase in online sales for the weekend and a whopping 28% increase in online sales² on Thanksgiving Day. So, while some of us were watching football or washing dishes, others were getting ahead of the gift game by doing their shopping early online.

Gift Graph

Now, where do people get their holiday gift inspirations? When I was kid, my mom gave me a Sears Catalog to pick out toys I hoped to see under the tree. And occasionally, I would see something on TV while watching cartoons. Today, television accounts for only 1% of gift inspiration. Print ads are 2%. Surprisingly, in-store shopping and social media each account for only 8%. Online shopping itself accounts for a huge 30% of the gift giving ideas and talking with friends and family commands 40%³. And the Sears Catalog? Well, it’s online now. For those too young to know Sears, in its day, Sears was like Amazon. Sears sold everything.

So, is last minute shopping a thing of the past? Not for me. I love holiday shopping in the mall and last minute is the best time. Crowds have thinned out and decision making seems easier and enjoyable- especially when I know that most of my purchases have already been ordered online.

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Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight: SDH: Digital Solutions

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SDH is a world-class web and application developer that thrives on wowing clients and exceeding their expectations. From its humble beginnings in eastern Europe, SDH has expanded its team of technical wizards to multiple locations with the help of proprietary processes and methodologies to service clients around the globe. SDH has a deep understanding of the finance, telecom, energy, automotive, travel, and aviation sectors. Major clients include AT&T, Nissan, Torrey Pines Financial and UCLA.

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Employee Spotlight: Lori Robinson

Lori Robinson

As media planner and buyer, Lori handles broadcast, print and online media for a variety of clients. As a negotiator, she is very effective in obtaining the best rates and value-added merchandising for our clients. She has extensive experience in the fields of automotive, construction, education, environmental, finance, healthcare, manufacturing and retail markets. A strong work ethic, flexibility and quest for learning allows her to stay abreast of the latest trends in media. In addition she brings with her over 20 years of experience in accounting, administration and human resources. As a local Laguna Beach resident, Lori enjoys the beach and the nature of the canyon. Her other hobbies include reading, collecting history, archeology and esoteric books, and watching old classic and silent films.