Did Trump have the election in his hip pocket? – December 2016

Changing Tides - December 2016

No, but you could say that Donald Trump won the election with a hip-pocket media strategy that the democratic opponents, pundits, pollsters and media giants did not see coming. He simply Trumped them with his effective use of Twitter.

Not since the Nixon vs. Kennedy television debates in the 1960s has marketing played such a major role in the election of a president. Yet, this year, it was not a matter of who won the debates. The debates seemed to have little influence on the various vote polls. Most the polls conducted predicted Clinton to win. Clinton had a larger marketing war chest. Most of the time it seemed that only Trump thought that Trump was going to win. And despite several seriously politically incorrect blunders, he did win. Big!

So how did he do it? It was a marketing technology coup by a technology illiterate candidate. He is a billionaire who does not use a computer or email. And like Vladimir Putin, he has his people do that. Yet he does use Twitter himself and he used it to his huge advantage by connecting directly with 16 million Americans. Far more than a diversionary tactic, tweeting lets Trump stay on the political offensive-and manipulate his press coverage. He does not need a press conference to get his message out. All the political correspondents are following him and they will get whatever he says out immediately. It’s his weapon of mass communication and he is not going to stop.

As to why all the pollsters mis-calculated the election results, they had poor sampling methodology. They primarily use email to poll voters, yet a lot of Trump voters, like Trump, don’t use a computer. But they do use cell phones and they received their messages directly from Mr. Trump in their hip pockets.

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Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight: Sanandi Herbal Extracts

Sanandi Herbal Extracts

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Employee Spotlight: Lori Robinson

Lori Robinson

As media planner and buyer, Lori handles broadcast, print and online media for a variety of clients. She is a very effective negotiator, obtaining the best rates and value-added merchandising for our clients. Lori has extensive media experience in automotive, construction, education, environmental, finance, healthcare, manufacturing and retail markets. Her insatiable appetite for all learning all facets of marketing allows her to stay abreast of the latest trends in media. In addition, she brings with her over 20 years of experience in accounting, administration and human resources.

As a local Laguna Beach resident, Lori enjoys the beach and the nature of the canyon. Her other hobbies include reading, collecting history, archaeology and esoteric books, and watching old classic and silent films.