Changing Tides August 2016

August 2016| If your ad runs in August will anyone see it?  

There is no question that August is the most popular summer vacation month in America. Besides a handful of national holidays, the typical American worker gets only a couple of precious weeks off a year to relax and regenerate — much less than people in many other countries.

Some U.S. companies would prefer that employees take no more than one week of their vacation at a time. Others expect them to be on call or check their e-mail even when they’re lounging on the beach or taking a hike in the mountains. Bad news for American workers, but good news for advertisers.

Studies conducted in the business-to-business arena over the years have shown that the reduction in sales leads generated in August seldom vary more than 10% from the average month. So rest easy. Go ahead and enjoy your vacation this month and know that if your ad program runs while you’re away, those sales leads will be there when you return.

See you in September!
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Client Spotlight: Davis Ink
Davis Ink provides architectural design, conceptual design, renderings, interior design, and space planning to its clients. They specialize in crafting creative spaces and distinctive interior designs that make a statement, while remaining true to the client’s vision. Davis Ink has created memorable spaces for hospitality, night clubs, and restaurants such as Parq Restaurant, Area 51, Kress Nightclub, and Boss Coffee. They are currently working on recreating the look of Sutra Nightclub in Costa Mesa, California.
Parq Restaurant, San Diego

Welcome, Kaitlyn Kambestad
Kaitlyn joined Young Company in June as the Social Media Manager. Her extensive digital marketing experience provides our clients with persuasive and compelling content to successfully achieve their social media goals. As a creative, Kaitlyn continues to participate in theater productions. She is always in the mood for fine wine and enjoys working out and playing golf.

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