Changing Tides – August 2015

Changing Tides – August 2015

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is Microsoft’s “Big Game”

Microsoft and its CEO Satya Nadella have a big challenge ahead. They need consumers to LOVE its new operating system. Anything less will be failure. For some time now, Apple has been on top in terms of sales, global market capitalization and their NPS (net profit promoter) score. And even Tim Cook, who took the reins from business god Steve Jobs, is now considered by the media to be the best CEO in the country.Like it or not, the old top dog Microsoft is now the underdog. And the only way they can regain the position is a big win with Windows 10. And I hope they win. Not because I am a Microsoft or an Apple fan. I’m a fan of competition in a free marketplace. And when the underdog wins, consumers win. We all end up with better products at better prices – the benefits of a free economy and fair competition. It’s the American way.

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Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight: Culver Capital

Culver Capital

Culver Capital is one of the premier financial service companies in Orange County. They specialize in alternative financing for small to medium size businesses in the U.S.

Young Company was hired to help better brand Culver Capital and its subsidiary businesses including developing new logos and taglines.

Employee Spotlight: Skylar Neilson – Web Developer

Skylar Neilson

Skylar is a new Web Developer at Young Company who is ambitious about Web development and digital marketing. He attended Brigham Young University- Idaho where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Web Development with an emphasis in Web Design. While attending school he learned the importance of communications and advertising in Web Design and incorporates the three together for positive results. He enjoys exploring new technologies both in web and engineering advancements. Away from the office he loves spending time with his adventurous wife in the ocean surfing, in the mountains biking, snowboarding, and hiking, and in the city longboarding and eating Mexican food.