Is Your Website like a Good Party? – April 2019

Changing Tides – April 2019

Although there are some who say that the website is dead, I assure you, it’s not true for our B2B clients who depend on daily website traffic and leads to fuel their sales efforts. In fact, it has never been stronger, thanks to high-ranking natural search positions on Google.

So, what is the secret to getting to the top? Is it the header tags, meta description, schema markup or what? Well, it takes all the fundamental SEO tactics to be aligned with your marketing goals and more. Your website needs to be the most popular website amongst its competitors.

If you think of your website as a party, then it needs to be a great party. The most popular party. Because, in the end, the top website draws the most traffic, leads and new business.

So, what defines a great website? The same things as a great party. All the right people are there. They stay a long time. They tell all their friends. The reputation grows along with the headcount. As the host, you need to refresh the content regularly with substance and entertainment. Every market is different, so you need to know your audience to create an experience they will enjoy and come back for more.

Client Spotlight: Advantage Systems

Advantage Systems

AMB is an extremely robust mortgage accounting system that goes beyond the debits and credits to track transactions on a loan by loan basis. At the push of a button, AMB can present which loans comprise an account balance, any balance and at any time. The real-time nature of the system, as opposed to older “Batch” oriented systems, allows for faster data entry, eliminates the need for time consuming posting routines and makes instant reporting possible. AMB is getting ready to launch the new Sierra 7 version of their software!

Employee Spotlight: Robyn DeTorres

Robyn DeTorres

Robyn first learned about the power of SEO in 2003 in one of her web design classes at Santa Monica College. This was years before Google offered analytics and all the data was tabulated by hand. She quickly realized the importance of finding a website through natural search, and found that she had an instinct for strategic optimization of websites. It was then that she decided to focus her career on digital marketing. After spending more than ten years in this ever-evolving field, Robyn is one of the elite few who speak in terms of bots, algorithms, CPC and conversions, and knows the right tools to push websites out of the doldrums and up to the head of their category. With a penchant for design, Robyn loves black and white photography and creating works of art in stained glass.