Can Your Content Marketing Fly With the Hummingbird?

Can Your Content Marketing Fly With the Hummingbird?

Google’s update known as ‘hummingbird’ is going to have a major impact on content marketing. Don’t protest that you haven’t seen any changes yet. The update will be making a big splash in the web world. Reports indicate the hummingbird will affect around 90% of daily Google searches. Are you listening, content marketers? 90%. Not exactly a paltry sum.

So what should you, dedicated content marketer, do to capitalize on the change? Well, that all depends. Here are several considerations to keep in mind before you make any changes to your current strategies.

Quality Content

Are you creating relevant content that engages viewers? If so, you’re already ahead of the game. The important thing to know is this: hummingbird has tremendously boosted the importance of quality content — whether it is to be found in videos, blogs, web pages, e-newsletters, or any other online repository of your profound words and ideas.

Be aware that hummingbird has sharpened Google’s focus on content that closely matches search queries. Let’s say an inquiry goes something like “How do I train goldfish?” Google will look for content that clearly covers the training these little aquatic creatures, zeroing in on that keyphrase with vastly improved radar. For brand marketers, the game is about creating authoritative content that people want to know about.

Mobile Responsiveness

Fact: Folks on the go prefer long tail search terms when using mobile devices. By their nature, these lengthier queries are more conversational than their abbreviated counterparts. Hummingbird is supporting the longer phrases in a big way. Therefore, brand marketers definitely should have a mobile-friendly version of their website. At the very least, businesses can incorporate a mobile-responsive design into their sites.


Content that generates responses such as comments and likes has always scored points with Google. With hummingbird, the search engine has an even more refined mechanism for identifying these social cues. Links, on the other hand, are dwindling in importance in the eyes of hummingbird. The upshot? Focus on quality content that interests people, and search engines will take notice.

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