Calnetix Chooses Young Company for Brand Development

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — July 25, 2008

Calnetix Chooses Young Company for Brand Development - July 25, 2008

Young Company, Laguna Beach agency will provide brand consulting, identity and website marketing.

Calnetix, Inc. has selected Young Company to help build its business and develop a master brand strategy for its subsidiary companies. Calnetix is the global industry leader in high speed motors, generators, magnetic bearings, and integrated magnetic drive systems. The company’s products are utilized in distributed power generation, power conditioning, gas processing, semiconductor manufacturing, medical equipment and other industries worldwide.

Calnetix operates a number of subsidiary companies including TurboGenix, which specializes in waste heat recovery to electricity systems. Its VYCON Inc. subsidiary produces energy storage flywheel systems in production quantities for commercial applications. VYCON was created to take the high speed flywheel system developed at Calnetix.

In 2005 Calnetix’s subsidiary Direct Drive Systems (DDS) was Awarded Best of Show at the Larta Venture Forum. DDS produces a line of high-speed high-power motors and alternators. These particular motors and alternators are significantly more efficient and cost effective compression and generation solutions to the multi billion dollar natural gas and LNG industry.

In 2007 Calnetix acquired Elliott Energy Systems, Inc.(EESI), a micro-turbine manufacturer, which is located in Stuart, Florida. EESI is best known for its micro-turbine products used in distributed power generation, combined heat and power (CHP) and offshore power generation applications globally.