Bring More Buzz to Your Brand

Bring More Buzz to Your Brand

TV, collateral, digital content … they all have tremendous power to connect with customers. However, even the mightiest of these channels can’t hold a candle to what is undoubtedly the greatest consumer convincer in the known universe – word of mouth.

Why does word of mouth rule the marketing sphere? Because recommendations passing the lips of friends, family, and highly-regarded public honchos typically inspire the greatest amount of trust. Whether marketers like it or not, conventional advertising channels such as glossy TV commercials sometimes reach viewers only halfway…if that. The younger sector of the consumer world (18-29 year-olds) is particularly suspicious of media phoniness and treachery. Consequently, their radar is always probing.

The more trusted word-of-mouth is a completely different beast. And thanks to the proliferation of Twitter, Facebook, and a million other social sites, businesses have tremendous opportunities to spread the word further than ever before. Of course, the trick is getting people to give you their thumbs-up and spread the good word around.

One of the best ways to bring on the buzz actually is an old standby – give consumers rewarding customer experiences. The moment people get a first-hand dose of your company’s wonderfulness, they’ll be unstoppably thrilled to let loose with glowing reports and referrals.

Young Company understands the inestimable value of unleashing positive feedback for your brand. That’s why we’ve assembled an ace public relations team capable of disbursing positive word-of-mouth deep into the consumer sphere. From enhancing your social media presence to building a better customer experience into your brand, our public relations specialists are acclaimed for taking consumer buzz a long, long way.   

If you have any questions or comments about utilizing public relations to spread the word about your business or organization, or about any brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.

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