Brick n’ Mortar: Outmaneuvering Ecommerce  

Brick n' Mortar: Outmaneuvering Ecommerce 

Considering the prevalence and power of e-commerce behemoths such as Amazon, brick and mortar businesses are slugging it out against monstrous competition–particularly during the merry holiday shopping season. There’s no question that the likes of Amazon and other digital suppliers are quick, efficient, reliable, and user-friendly. All indispensable virtues in the eyes of frantic shoppers. Still, many business-occupying spaces in the physical world can and are holding their own against these digital adversaries. Tough turf to defend, to be sure. But one that still in many ways is open territory.

Successful brick and mortar businesses triumphing by beating e-commerce stalwarts at their own game. Speed and efficiency, two of digital’s highest virtues, are being skillfully promoted by thriving brick and mortar retailers. What, after all, is quicker than seeing, buying, and possessing – the instantaneous experience guaranteed by physical establishments – provided you have the cash, credit, or Bitcoin to seal the transaction. Physical-world retailers that market this advantage often trigger a major boost in cash register activity. The online players might offer free shipping, but who needs FedEx when you can snap up the goods in an instant?

Physical establishments also can score points by presenting a highly-personalized face to the buying world. Not too difficult since stores generally come fully stocked with a staff of human functionaries. Given this human variable, it’s a good idea to ensure yours are well-trained, polite, friendly, and knowledgeable. Yeah, online retailers tout their personalized experiences. But that still can’t compete with the cordial warmth of smilin’ Joe in kitchen appliances. Marketing efforts should stress this advantage at every opportunity.

Finally, brick and mortar retailers should step; no, jump outside of the same ol’ same ol’. When marketing to the shopping public, shout good and loud about the bounty of unique merchandise occupying shelf space. Stocking unusual, not-to-be-found wares in addition to the conventional offering is an effective differentiator that can set you well apart from generic e-commerce inventories.

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