Break Free of the Infographic Traffic.


Move over videos. There’s a new visual presence making major online noise. Known as infographics, these visual messengers pack whole lot of content into a small, readily-understood space.  Not surprisingly, brand marketers have latched onto infographics, unleashing them far and wide throughout the web. The purpose is twofold – raising brand awareness and getting the message shared.


With heightened activity, of course, comes a very familiar obstacle — oversaturation. So the overriding problem for brand marketers is no longer ‘do infographics work?’ but ‘how do we break free of the ‘infographic jam’ and get our messages noticed?’ For B2B marketers, there are several options for overcoming the glut:  


Tune into the Buzz. Know what the online sources are saying about your industry. What’s hot, what’s trending, what’s newsworthy. Once these variables are known, brand marketers can custom-create infographics to embody this relevant content. This strategy not only helps infographics shout louder than the competition, it inspires viewers to share your carefully crafted message.


Clarify. People are more than eager to share infographics that concisely shed light on a new or misunderstood subject. For instance, since technology thrills the world with fresh new concepts and techniques by the microsecond, this field is prime territory for graphics that explain the innovations. Any infographic that illuminates an obscure topic is a sure bet to be shared.


Target the Right Group. Sharing takes place in virtually all niches, but for some groups, it’s a way of life. Frequent practitioners of sharing include environmental organizations and technology groups. Crafting infographics specifically for these niches tremendously boosts their sharability quotient.  


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