Is Your Brand Sailing Without a Compass?

Is Your Brand Sailing Without a Compass?

Before the copy. Before the design. Before the media buys… Brand marketers must pull this tool out of their supply box. The tool is research. And without it, you’re moving in the dark, playing guessing games with your marketing budget. Not the cleanest path to a solid ROI.

Here at Young Company, research is a mission-critical step. Before we set sail on a creative journey, we conduct intensive research. It is our compass through murky seas. It guides us through the geography of consumer tastes and product features, allowing us to build a solid bridge between the two.

Young Company is a vessel of modest size when compared to many advertising agencies. Yet we consistently provide enormous value to our clientele. The reason? Research. Deep and dynamic, driving and fortifying every creative decision. Without this compass, we likely would never reach the destination charted for our campaign. Instead, we’d be stuck on a reef.

Technology is providing a powerful wind for our sails. Thanks to a wave of advancements on the technology frontier, Young Company can utilize a wide spectrum of sophisticated research tools — with only a modest budget.

While research can take many forms, the process can be broken down into two main types, both of which supply indispensable data for shaping marketing campaigns:

Quantitative – As the name implies, this focuses on numbers derived from sources such as  surveys, polls, and social media. The results reveal your direction on the success chart – north or south.

Qualitative – This process probes deep to uncover consumer motivations, utilizing means such as focus groups, interviews, and observational studies. Qualitative research is particularly valuable for explaining trends and buyer behaviors.

If you have any questions or comments about utilizing research to improve your chances of marketing success, or about any brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way. You can connect with the Young Company team at 949-376-8404 #4033 or And be sure to follow us for the latest brand marketing news and tips.