Brand Marketing – Why You Never Should Have a Problem with Authority


What is a brand’s most important asset? Most people would guess – product quality. Understandable answer (nobody relishes shoddy merchandise). But it doesn’t win the prize. The correct response is trust.

That’s right. When it comes to influence, trustworthiness is a brand’s most effective selling point. Before they try or buy, most people – especially new customers -- must be comfortable putting their faith in your brand. Once they do, your product or service instantly radiates brand authority. You’re the one they listen to. And listen they will.

A nice position for a brand to be in. But one not easily attained. You must lay some groundwork and expend sufficient sweat before you, aspiring brand, earn brand authority status. It’s all about putting in the time and effort.

Start by generating ample content, fortifying every paragraph with proof of your industry expertise. This is horn-tooting time; but the toots must be bolstered by factual substance. Therefore, gather and organize abundant supporting evidence for every claim you make. Statistics, testimonials, and trial runs are among the proven forms of compelling evidence. So is the humble mentioning of any awards or credits achieved by your brand.

Content generation needn’t be restricted by website boundaries. It’s your right and duty to break free and shine. To that end, grab some limelight elsewhere by contributing generously to a guest blog or two. Not only does a guest shot prove the existence of other admirers, it also expands your exposure with minimal cost.

Naturally, you’ll want to appear on a relevant site. If you market microchips, don’t park yourself on an exotic cooking site. This glaring disconnect won’t exactly enhance your credibility.

Finally, a call to all extroverts. Do you seek new outlets for your charm? If so, satisfy that yearning and advance the cause of your brand by hosting a public event. Socially distanced as needed, of course. A conference or forum can work wonders. And if you really feel the pull, put on a stage spectacular. Whatever builds trust and establishes your authority is gold.

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