Brand Marketing: Thwarting the Enemies of the Inbox

Fraud, phishing, and all other spammy risks dreaded by email recipients are equally feared by brand marketers. They should be. These dangerous intrusions keep users on guard, motivating them (or their spam elimination system) to ditch, destroy, or dump any and all electronic messaging that appears shady and suspect – even if it’s entirely legit.

The result of these aggressive cleansings is an oversupply of lost opportunities — on both ends of the communication channel. Senders lose a chance to share valuable content with ready receivers. And receivers miss their opportunity to gain information of great interest. Your classic double deduction. If only there were a way to soothe nerves with fully authenticated emails. Something you can really believe in.

Recent technology is providing that way. It is known by the snappy name of BIMI. No, it’s not a slick Star Wars character, but an acronym for the phrase – Brand Indicators for Message Identification. Explanation below.

Adopting a rigorous industry-wide standard, the technology allows marketers to place brand logos next to their emails. The logo identifies and authenticates the sender as the real deal, thereby minimizing the taint of suspect messaging. By implementing the technology at the receiving end, email providers such as Yahoo and Gmail can legitimize messaging before zipping it to the intended inbox. Snug and secure in the inbox, the message bears what amounts to a royal seal. Something to welcome instead of to fear. At least, that’s the intention.

Make no mistake about it … BIMI is a major boon to brand marketers. Email remains a popular and viable messaging option with enormous reach capabilities. Something brand marketing strategists should keep in their back pockets. But in the age of suspicious minds, this digital messaging requires maximum thrust to reach its destination. BIMI provides that thrust. By promoting email integrity, it ensures more messages make it to the inbox and fewer dribble away into the spam folder. You couldn’t ask for a better start … unless you’re really, really picky.

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