Brand Marketing: The Ultimate Proving Ground

There’s more than one way to convert users into paying customers. In fact, brand marketers have many tools at their disposal. One of the most effective is known as social proof. In a nutshell, social proof is a concept that suggests people can be influenced by the actions and opinions of others — particularly if those others are highly respected individuals. If these revered folks have a favorable opinion of something, it must be good. At least, that’s the general belief.

This is nothing new; marketers have long benefited from social proof techniques. But in the current environment, more options are available than ever before. Here are some of the possibilities.

The acclaimed expert is probably the best-known element in the social proof realm. Recognized for unique skill and distinguished achievement, this person can carry tons of weight when it comes to impacting buying decisions. Common outlets for the expert’s opinion are product reviews, blogs, and social media posts. All great. But if marketers crave ultimate impact, their best bet is to capture a video or photograph of the chosen expert using the product – preferably while wearing a grin.

A thumbs up from a celebrity is closely related to expert backing. While celebs may not be recognized experts, their hearty endorsement nevertheless can go a long, long way. Performers, athletes, and certain business leaders are among the most common members of this group.

Marketers, however, needn’t limit social proofing to the famous and well-recognized. Ordinary users often make a big noise in the decision-shaping department. User reviews have been known to make or break a product or service, as is evidenced by the undeniable influence of services such as Yelp. Social media shares also fall into this category, so encourage the sharing instinct whenever possible.

Finally, brands should feel free to toot their own horns – providing the sound doesn’t rise to a shrill blast. Acceptable ways for a brand to toot include listing its number of customers or its prestigious awards or credentials. Combined with other social proof techniques, this gentle self-promotion can help marketers reach their goals with exceptional speed.

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