Brand Marketing Strategies: Getting Big Results from the Small Screen  


Marketing isn’t like is used to be, particularly when the medium of choice is a mobile device. Smartphones and tablets have their own requirements when it comes to effective message delivery. Brand marketers who meet these requirements are much better positioned to convert prospects and retain customers.  

Your first objective should be speeding up the load time of web pagesThere’s an obvious advantage to this step – it keeps users from losing patience and skipping away to peppier places.  

There is, however, another important benefit attributable to quick page loading – greater SEO value. As most marketers know, Google has added load-speed to its expanding list of ranking criteria. The addition was made in 2018. As things now stand, the quicker a page materializes, the more ranking points it earns. A few seconds is now the acceptable timeframe. Anything slower is considered brash tardiness – and it will cost you.  

Brands also will gain a decided edge by geo-targeting – specifically tapping into the local market. Incorporating localized marketing is a form of community outreach – a positive step that plays to the needs of regional prospects. It says you’re close-by and readily accessible. Often, this availability is enough to tip the scales in your favor.  

When implementing geo-targeting strategies, brands should not restrict themselves to the standard keywords -- which typically reference city or state. Also effective are keywords that draw attention to other regional indicators, such as street names and even communities or real estate developments. The localization creates a kind of kinship with recipients – you are part of the club.  

Finally, brands should leverage the power of video. Not only do the moving images provide snappy message deliverythey also outperform text on the small screen. That’s because verbiage is a major reading challenge when squeezed into a compact display area. Crisp video and audio content, on the other hand, comes in loudclear, and quick 

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