Brand Marketing Strategies: And the Winning Numbers Are …

Brand Marketing Strategies

Boast all you want about the undeniable benefits of your brand. But when it comes to sheer impressive power, it’s hard to beat numbers. Quantities, particularly those on the extreme side, are irresistibly compelling. Which is why stats carry so much weight throughout the known universe. Those magical digits permeate sports broadcasting, economic reporting, and yes, the worldwide marketing stage. Juice up your ad with a few sizzling numbers, and watch people go ‘wow’.

Brand marketers should be aware, however, that certain quantities hold more sway over the public mind. In fact, they’ve generally held this influential position for eons. Hours of painstaking research will reveal them to you. Or you could take a more efficient route – continue reading.

Marketing’s Most Influential Numbers

The first important digit on the list is, you guessed it, DISCOUNT. The deeper the better. This should not come as a surprise, as cash retention is a goal generally embraced by all. Only the word FREE tops the impact of the mighty discount.

The word FREE, nevertheless, does have an important numerical association. That would be the time frame of a free trial. Streaming and other digital services such as Amazon often offer complimentary usage for a set period. Typically, this timeframe is measured in weeks, usually topping out at the one-month mark. The lengthier that period, the more attractive it generally appears to the would-be customer. Don’t go overboard, however. A month or so should be enough sampling time. If prospects aren’t convinced after 30 fun-filled days, they probably never will be.

The ‘satisfied customer count’ also ranks high on the influential quantity list. Underlying the number’s impact is the basic principle – all those people can’t be wrong. Also influential is the fear of missing out on a good thing. Two strong benefits in one simple number.

Regarding numbers, there are certain digits best left to the fine print hidden away somewhere on the product packaging. These justifiably can be called ‘negative impact numbers’ or ‘how could I ever print that?’ blunders. Case in point is the fat content of your new-on-the-shelf fully loaded pumpkin custard pie. Revelations such as these should be kept as far as legally permissible from your ad.

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