If there’s one zone ruled by knowledge, it’s the realm of solar energy marketing. Helped by new regulations instituted in regions such as California, the use of solar power is expected to swell in the near-term. Despite this looming demand, however, brand marketers mustn’t loaf through the bonanza. To win the day, marketing crews must morph into product gurus, freely dispensing knowledge and enlightenment on all things solar. Indeed, educating customers is the key in this burgeoning field. More than ever, rock-solid facts will drive conversions.


For brand marketers tackling solar power, customer education consists of three primary focal points. Whether you’re covering the topic online, in print, on the air, or in person, all communication must zero in on the following areas of customer interest.


Do You Want a Flat or Fat Wallet? – Not surprisingly, the key motivator driving prospective sun energy users is the reduction of monthly energy costs. All roads must point to this indisputable fact — tapping into our nearest star is a proven cash-saver. Stress this unceasingly and tantalize with a generous sprinkling of supporting facts.


Contrast the budget-friendliness of solar energy with the dreaded alternative – the long-term, money-devouring expense of relying on established power suppliers. This is the prospect’s opportunity to flex major muscle and break free of the menacing energy company grip.


Don’t Be a Loser, Join the Club – Enormously persuasive are stats revealing current solar energy usage among community inhabitants. The overriding message is – “If my neighbors are saving piles, why aren’t I?”  Nobody wants to be stranded in the cold, especially when golden rays are there for the grabbing. This is influencer marketing irresistibly localized.


We Didn’t Forget the Pines – Contrary to current doctrine, going green isn’t the driving force behind solar energy selection. Nevertheless, environmental-friendliness carries some weight – even if far less than cash-savings and communal influence. But go easy on the green; the bulk of messaging should focus on the primary two motivators.


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