Brand Marketing: Bring Influencers into Your Orbit

Before influencers can connect with customers, they should connect with you. Brands can create this connection by cementing solid relationships with their chosen persuaders. Get in good with them, and they’ll give you their best. It’s the universal law of personal energy. The stronger the bond, the bigger the effort.  

Before committing to an influencer, brand marketers should confirm the person’s allegiance. Where do they stand on your brand?  Hopefully, the individual is a fan — someone already delighting by the virtues of your product. If not, they’re all wrong for you.

Surprisingly, certain marketers ignore the confirmation process. The prospect is famous, and that’s enough for a big win. Wrong. First, a myth debunker — an influencer needn’t be a shining celebrity. Far from it. Any worthy person with a strong following is a potential asset. The corner grocer will do if popular enough.

Second, a non-fan could and likely will come across as insincere, uncommitted, or unenergetic. All qualities are generally detectable by savvy customers and prospects. You’re not fooling anyone. So don’t even try. It’s best to go with the real deal – a fully-qualified, enthusiastic customer.

Once a prospective influencer is a confirmed brand-lover, you’re on your way. Brand marketers should move quickly to close them. Influence the influencers and get yourself in solid.

One good way is to extend an invitation to your place of business. A cordial romp through your facility is a great way to inspire goodwill and personalize your brand with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your brand’s inner world. A rare treat enjoyed by few.  

Other known bond-strengtheners are invites to a company get-together or even to an outside event. Remember, whatever strengthens familiarity and builds trust will boost the enthusiasm level, commitment, and ultimately the effectiveness of your chosen influencer.   

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