Why Brand Marketers Should Opt for the Mighty Snail

Why Brand Marketers Should Opt for the Mighty Snail

What’s the latest way to boost your brand marketing muscle? A futuristic e-commerce platform? A must-have social media app? Nope. You’re way off. The marketing miracle is none other than that which arrives from the fingertips of your local postal carrier … direct mail. It’s true. Snail mail still packs a mighty punch. In fact, the mighty snail frequently KOs its digital counterparts in many key areas.

Marketers are gradually opening their eyes to the inherent advantages of direct mail. Here’s what they’re discovering.

Adaptability. Direct mail can make its mark in virtually every touch point of the sales funnel. Hot zones include lead generation, new customer acquisitions, and CRM. Whether you’re reaching out with a card, letter, flyer, or brochure, if it needs to be said, direct mail says it fast and loud.

Direct Contact.  There’s a reason why direct mail is called ‘direct’. There are no televisions or computers to switch on. No channels and websites to slog through.  The snail arrives straight and uninterrupted from your mailbox or slot. And there’s no getting away from it. Sure, it can fly into the nearest trash receptacle. But it won’t if deemed interesting enough by recipients. Which is exactly where the next point comes in:

The Bulls-Eye. One of the easiest things to do with direct mail is reach a targeted group. Assuming, of course, you’ve done your homework and gotten all your demographic ducks in a row. How you make the connection is up to you — geographical region, age, gender, etc.

Touch Power. A case study conducted by Millward Brown reveals that info communicated through tangible media such as paper makes a deeper, more long lasting impression than digital data. According to these findings, when it comes to generating an enduring emotional response, direct mail trumps digital any day of the week.

Integration. One reason for the resurgence of direct mail is its ability to integrate with cutting-edge technologies. Easily embedded in paper nowadays are codes that drive readers to company websites. But the print world already has gone one better – digital information can be embedded directly into paper. Meaning, marketers could place a video directly onto a sales piece – no side trip to a website necessary. Here’s a brief showcase of this fascinating technology.

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