Why Brand Marketers Should Load Up on GIFs

Why Brand Marketers Should Load Up on GIFs

If you’re running a media campaign, better load up on GIFs – and plenty of them. GIFs, of course, are those easily transmittable image files that seem to be showing up everywhere. And with good reason. These handy images perfectly align with the way in which contemporary folks develop and use media.

Simplicity is the essence of GIF appeal. In the images, video and text are beautifully harmonized to be easily viewed and digested – in a few blinks.  It’s hard not to be engaged by such a neat little package.

Any brand marketer who still questions GIF power should consider the following facts: According to recent research, people are 100% more likely to remain glued to a webpage if said page displays video. That’s 100%!  85% are more likely to buy a product featured in a video they’ve watched. Clearly, people crave the rapid, easily digested information offered by videos. GIFs push the quick consumption of videos a few steps further by condensing the visual messages into a few, blistering seconds.

As GIFs become increasingly prominent, brand marketers have a clear opportunity to capitalize on their magnetic appeal. Twitter opened the door when the site allowed users to tweet GIFs to recipients of their choice.  Major brands such as Netflix and Major League Baseball have jumped in, creating and posting GIFs by tapping into Twitter’s capabilities. Expect many more brands to follow suit.

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