Brand Buzz in Millennial Land

Brand Buzz in Millennial Land
Still scratching your head about Millennials? Still groping for a way to connect with this demo? Well, it can be done.  And your brand needn’t be the greatest thing since jet propulsion nor must it be priced lower than dirt. In fact, Millennial folk are willing to pay a bit more for consumables – so long as they feel the right vibe flowing from your brand.

And just how do you create this irresistible vibe? First, brand marketers should understand that Millennials are masters of crowdsourcing. Clearly, the abundance of mobile devices has contributed to their expertise. A single smartphone or tablet can push open gateways to hundreds and hundreds of info-sharing people. With a few finger-taps, young consumers can access enough opinions and feedback to fill The Grand Canyon.

Which gives brands a major mission – generate an unstoppable flow of positive feedback. One of the best feedback-generators, of course, is a robust crowdsourcing campaign. Nothing else triggers such a torrent of brand buzz.

As expected, social media puts major wind in the sails of crowdsourcing campaigns for Millennials. After all, it’s hard to beat mainstays like Twitter and Facebook for building lively, interactive channels between brands and the rapidly-growing Millennial audience. Not only do they get the job done quicker than the competition; they do it cheaper.

Increased usage of social media for Millennial crowdsourcing is inevitable. Much of the impetus will come from social media monitoring. Tracking technology is getting more sophisticated by the nanosecond. Marketers, no doubt, will capitalize on the advances to invigorate their crowdsourcing campaigns.

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