Before You Make the Marketing Video, Make the Right Choice


At long last, you’re taking the plunge. You’ve decided to make a marketing video. Or two. Great. Videos are proven attention getters in the world of brand marketing. Now you just need to hammer out a budget and create the masterpiece, right? Yeah, if you prefer guesswork. If you’re not the guessing type, then it’s necessary to zero in on the right video format before embarking on your creative journey. The reason for this step is simple: certain viewers will respond to one format; others, to another. It’s your job to discover the winning match.

What are the available format choices? One of the more popular is the behind-the-scenes video. Generally, these strike a personal note with the recipient, offering viewers candid peeks of company goings on. Intriguing, juicy content you can’t see anyplace else. Like photogenic employees hard at work and one-of-a-kind production methods. Hint: Don’t be too formal with this one. Going behind the scenes generally gets maximum mileage when the tone is light and entertaining. Humor is a plus. In fact, tickling the funny bone is a great way to build a communal connection with your audience.

Looking to establish an authoritative voice? The interview format will help. By conducting a video interview with a select influencer, marketers can give brand credibility a major boost. It’s hard to ignore an expert who’s both insightful and interesting. And equally difficult to turn away from a brand backed by that expert.

Satisfied customers also have a role to play in your video output. Many yearn to share their satisfaction with the world -- which they’ll gladly do with honest-to-goodness on-camera testimonials. As with the interview, video testimonials enhance brand credibility – only from a completely different angle.

Itching to use multiple formats? That’s fine – provided the budget allows and viewers approve. Sure, you’ll be giving up a chunk of free time to conduct the necessary research. But then, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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