The New Link for B2B Marketing

The New Link for B2B Marketing

Brand marketers throughout the world have been scoring major points with consumers recently, thanks to the skyrocketing use of social media channels. Indeed, destinations such as Facebook are showing irrepressible muscle when it comes to winning over fans with products and services. As with other ad channels such as TV, social media gains plenty of yardage by creating irresistibly ‘fun’ experiences for consumers. Everything from contests and games to celebrity involvement are used to woo visitors. But who says the B2B marketing forces can’t grab a slice of the social media pie?

The leading candidate for the business audience is hands down, LinkedIn. Rising in popularity by the nanosecond, the social media powerhouse reaches thousands of professionals each day. All of which means B2B marketing has an open doorway to this coveted group.

Of course, B2B marketing won’t be beefing up LinkedIn campaigns with the kind of rock n’ roll pizzazz lighting up consumer sites such as Facebook. However, there are definite approaches and strategies that can invigorate LinkedIn content and up its appeal quotient for professionals.

Obviously, celebrity endorsements and contests won’t do the trick in this circle. But you can capture the hearts and minds of professionals with presentations, white papers, and informative videos. Particularly valuable and therefore immensely popular is advice delivered by recognized business professionals and career leaders.

B2B marketing pros can anticipate a long-term audience with LinkedIn. That’s because business people and other professionals overwhelmingly stay plugged into this networking power source, even when they change jobs or careers. For many, LinkedIn has become an indispensable channel for staying on top of occupational opportunities.

If you have any questions or comments about leveraging the power of social media for B2B marketing, or about any other brand building topic, feel free to send them our way.

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