Auto Alert revs up brand with Young Company

LAGUNA BEACH, CA – October 20, 2014

Auto Alert revs up brand with Young Company – October 20, 2014

AutoAlert® of Irvine has chosen Young Company to revitalize its brand and showcase its brand at the NADA Show in Las Vegas. Brand research will be followed by strategic messaging, new website, advertising campaign and trade show exhibits. As the industry leader in this category, AutoAlert has a customer base of more than 1,500 dealerships – many times its nearest competitor.

AutoAlert was established to provide the automotive dealership industry with products and services designed to enhance sales efforts and sales opportunities. These sales enhancement objectives are accomplished through providing dealerships with data harvesting-lead generation software programs, hardware, in house training and support.

The end result for automotive dealers is more proactive, relationship oriented sales efforts and greater sales volumes at significantly reduced client acquisition costs. Because of the depth of experience, technical knowledge and business acumen possessed by key AutoAlert leadership, AutoAlert believes that its offerings have the potential of revolutionizing the way cars are sold in dealerships throughout the nation.