Ads & Tech: No More Click-Away and Other 5G Perks

ads & tech 5G perks

It may seem trivial in the everyday word. But in digital space, a few measly seconds can be everything. In fact, this miniscule amount often means the difference between success and failure.

A few seconds is the normal load time for many ecommerce pages. A pittance, right? Not to the speed-minded user. Such a ‘delay’ can seem like an eternity.  In many cases, the time-gap will drive frustrated users away. CLICK, and they’re gone. So is the opportunity to win their business.

Enter 5G. The next-level data network will eliminate the tardy web page. How will it do this? By delivering data with lightning speed. Current estimates rate 5G at 1,000 times faster than the current 4G system. 1,000 times! Click-and-load will be the standard mode for web pages. Blink and you’ll miss it. Yes, beloved 4G soon will be a relic.

Not only will things get a whole lot faster; they’ll get a whole lot denser -- data volume will expand to mind-boggling proportions. So, get ready for snap-loading pages packed with tons more info.

Now don’t imagine info-cluttered pages. Larger data loads will reshape the landscape rather than overcrowd it. For instance, higher data volume will sharpen graphics to jaw-dropping, ultra-high definition. Digital ads will jump out of the screen.

Interestingly, 5G speed may offer a residual benefit -- increased ad exposure. Currently, pop-up ads are notorious speed-reducers, slowing page loadings by a significant margin. Which is a major reason for the use of ad-blockers. 5G, however, is so fast that not even a sludgy pop-up could slow it down. Users, therefore, will have one less, big reason for employing blockers. The likely result -- more ads will make it to screen space.

Clearly, digital marketers should brace for the 5G storm. While its official arrival date is still up in the air, the stage is set. Companies such Microsoft, ATT, Verizon, and countless other key players have been laying the groundwork for the system’s inevitable launch. Those who aren’t ready could find themselves way behind at the speed of 5G.

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