Our Digital Marketing Experience

Young Company has a long history of helping businesses improve their digital marketing with services ranging from display ads, website building and optimization, search engine optimization, PPC, email marketing and more.  Digital Marketing will help reduce expensive distribution costs compared to traditional media like Radio & TV.  Search engine optimization for companies is a mine field fraught with danger, often old advice for SEO is obsolete and can even now hurt your brand's visibility.


Digital Marketing is dynamic in nature, both in the way of eliciting responses and getting instant responses from your impressions,  engagements, and user experience. Focusing on the User Experience in digital marketing is key to turning anonymous users into customers. Striking the perfect balance, you will need to have experts in search engine optimization, PPC, EMail Marketing, Video Production, Customer Relationship Management with Mobile marketing on your team. Young Company is the performance oriented agency who will constantly improve your programs and convert those information seekers into satisfied customers.



Our Business-to-Business Digital Marketing Experience

Young Company has a long history of helping business-to-business digital marketers build brands in the technology, industrial, and manufacturing industries for decades. For over a decade we have been recognized by BtoB Magazine as one of the Top BtoB Advertising Agencies in the United States. As a top business-to-business digital marketing company, we are capable of writing compelling content that is relevant to industry insiders, as well as targeting and penetrating a narrow target market.




Abbott Technologies
Accurate Background
Arrow Electronics
AST research
Avery Dennison
Borg Warner
Candle Corporation
CB Estrin (H&R Block)
Charles Dunn Company
Cisco Systems
Countrywide Bank
Courtaulds Aerospace
Dassault Systems
David Jameson Carlyle
Digital Coast Partners
Eide Industries
Fauci & Sons
Fluor Corporation
FMC Corporation
GNP Computers
Haas Automation
Heidelberg Engineering
Helisys, Inc.
Houston Fearless
IBM Altium
IBM Cadam
Inquiry Handling Services
Hughey & Philips
International Rectifier
J2 Global Communications
Kuali Foundation
Lear Seigler
Marconi Astronics
Martin Marrietta Aluminum
Microchip Technologies
Mobi Dic


Vision Science Technology
Military Power Supplies
Employee Background Confirmation
Aircraft Hardware
Financial Planning Software
Online Food Procurement
Telecom Test Equipment
Uniform Services
Cleanroom Services
Independent Distributor
Electronics Distribution
Computers and Components
Labeling Systems
Electronics Distributor
Petroleum Pumps and Systems
Concrete Construction Equipment
Performance and Availability Software
Commercial Real Estate
Paralegal Services
Commercial Real Estate
Network Hardware
Online Bank Division of CW
Industrial Coatings
Computer Peripherals Distributor
Awnings and Fabric Structures
Venture Capital
Commercial Contractors
Global Engineering Construction
Street Sweepers
Telecom Equipment
Machine Tools
Global Shipping
Microware and RF Design Software
Laser Eye Testing Equipment
Construction Equipment
3D Modeling Tools
Power Transmission Equipment
Connection Devices
Film Processes
Integrated Software Suite
Mechanical Design Automation Software
Electronic Design Automation Software
Printed Circuit Board Design Software
Sales Lead Management Services
Nurse Case Management
Airport Lighting & Equipment
Power Semiconductors
Electronics Industry Research
Fax Services
Open Source Software
Avionics and Guidance Systems
Online Coursework for Realtors
Test Equipment
Avionics and Guidance Systems
Metal Components
Computer Modems
RAID Systems
Mixed Signal Semiconductors
Metal Cutting Tools


Montgomery & Company
Montgomery Watson
Moss Micro
MWS Wire Industries
MW Partners
Natel Engineering
Nissan Backhoes
Northrop Grumman
OC Metals
O’Connor Engineering
Packard Hughes
Pacific Scientific
Palomar Ventures
PDA Engineering
Philips Media
Quad Design
Rustic Canyon Group
Samsung Laser Printers
Samsung Opto-Electronics
Seiko Instruments
Scantron Technologies
Scotsman Buildings
Shultz Steel
Silicon Systems
Smart Technology Ventures
Strategic Data Corporation
Sunbank Electronics
TDK Semiconductors
Teledyne Laars
Teledyne Pico
Texas Instruments
Three Bond
Todco Doors
Trust Services of America (Cal Fed)
Time Electronics
Time DC
Transcon Lines
TRW Velocium
Vlier Engineering
Wyle Laboratories
Zebra Systems


Micro Controllers
Telecom Services
Investment Banking
Environmental Engineering
Sales Force Automation Software
Wire and Electrical Connectors
Mission Critical IT Resources
Software (analysis and simulation)
Construction Equipment
GaAs and InP Semiconductors
Architectural Sheet Metal
Fluid Camera Heads
Facsimile Equipment
Aircraft Wire Harness Assemblies
Servo Drives, Motors and Controls
Venture Capital
Microwave and RF Devices
Telecom Systems
Analysis and Simulation Software
Home Improvement Hardware
Digital Navigation Software
Computer Printers
ASIC design and Simulation Software
Defense Electronics
Venture Capital
Multi-Function Printer/Scanner/Fax Machines
Document Cameras
Micro Printers
Software for Human Resources
Mobile Classrooms and Buildings
Aircraft Grade Aluminum Castings
Mixed Signal ASICS
Chip on Flexible Circuitry
Venture Capital
Personalized Software
Electrical Connectors and Assemblies
Mixed Signal Semiconductors
Heaters and Boilers
Truck Doors
Investment Managers
G3 Mobile Communication Software
Electronics Distribution
Data Storage Devices
Merchant Services
Real Estate Data Intelligence
GaAs and InP Semiconductors
ASIC Design Software
Software Services and Support
Metalworking Automation
Website Hosting
Motors, Drives, Controls, Automation
Construction Equipment
Electronics Distribution
Multi-Media Semiconductors
Printing Solutions
High Speed Modems

 Our Business-to-Consumer Digital Marketing Experience

Young Company has a long history of helping business-to-consumer digital marketers build brands in the automotive, financial, healthcare, and retail industries for decades. Staying relevant in the B2C world today means knowing where your audience spends their time, where they go for information, and what they care about. As the average consumer grows smarter, businesses need to keep up by exploring new and innovative ways to build a relationship with their audience.




AMI Del Amo Hospital
AMI Occupation Health
AMI South Bay Hospital
J.H. Biggar & Co.
Breeder’s Choice
The City of Buena Park
CalFed Savings
Century Federal Savings
Charter Hospital of Long Beach
Commerce Energy
Corky Carroll
Countrywide Bank
Hutchngs Consort
Homestead House
Investment Savings
Irvine Subaru
LA Pet Foods
Loew’s Santa Monica
Musica Angelica
Pacific Health Resources
Park La Brea
Philips Media
Qure Water
Riviera Hotel & Spa
SoCal Skin Experts
Southern California Edison
Trust Services of America
Walter’s Audi
Walter’s Mercedes
Walter’s Porsche
Walter Kendal Fives
United Capital
United Way Los Angeles


Pediatric Hospital
Outpatient Clinic
Acute Care Hospital
Skin Conditioning Dog Food
Retail Chain of Fine Home Furnishings
Pet Foods
Convention and Visitor’s Bureau
Trust Division
Continuing Education
Jewelry Safes
Financial Institution
Psychiatric Hospital
Electricity Provider
Surf School
Financial Institution
Public Utility
CosMed Spa & Boutique
Non-Profit Organization
Home Furnishings
Financial Institution
Auto Dealership
Resort Hotel
Non-Profit Organization
Management Consulting Firm
Health Maintenance Organization
Apartment Community
Non-Profit Research Foundation
Premium Alkaline Water
Luxury Hotel
Power Utility
Financial Institution
Auto Dealership
Dog Food
Financial Advisors

 Financial Digital Marketing

Young Company’s founder Doug Young began his career in bank digital marketing with 1st National Bank of St. Paul, Minnesota when he was in his early twenties. When he moved to California in the 1940s he leveraged his portfolio of highly innovative and creative award-winning campaigns he’d cooked up for the stogy old bank.

The 1950s was an era of tremendous growth in Southern California and the Savings & Loan industry grew faster here than anywhere in the county. Along with then partner Al Hollander (who had a business finance degree from Harvard) the two of them represented a number of S&Ls offering high interest and free toasters to entice people to dump their bank and increase their earnings.

Bart Young started his agency career at age 7 working several weeks one summer gluing 30,000 popsicle sticks into direct mailers for First Federal Savings. The bank was promoting new home construction loans. The bank’s cartoon mascot Freddie First was holding the popsicle like a board to help get the message across and more importantly – to get the mailer opened.

As southland grew and S&Ls closed under the deregulation laws in the 1980s, the agency leveraged its technology digital marketing knowledge to win some of the region’s most active venture capital firms in the 1990s including Palomar Ventures, Smart Technology Ventures, Rustic Canyon Group and Montgomery & Co Investment Banking.

While serving as Executive Vice President at the Phelps Group in 2004-5 Bart Young served as Account Supervisor on the ever growing Countrywide Financial Account managing both the mortgage and banking sides of that client.

In the area of wealth management, Young Company has worked with Trust Services of America and its parent Cal Fed to reach high net worth individuals and their attorneys. This experience in reaching this exclusive target led to the winning of Compak Asset Management and United Capital Private Wealth Counseling.

Financial Services Digital Marketing requires a mix of agility, creativity and sensitivity to the compliance laws surrounding financial digital marketing, advertising, website development and public relations. Our approach using primary research to text new approaches and various messaging options has paid big dividends for our financial services clients.

Healthcare Digital Marketing

Healthcare digital marketing is a long-time specialty for us at Young Company. With over 65 years’ experience as a full-service advertising agency, we've developed positive digital marketing partnerships with many of Southern California's top healthcare companies.


In the 1980s Bart Young won the Pacific Health Resources (PHR) account. This was a management consulting firm run by Sam Tibbets, who was at the time the head of the California Hospital Association. Tibbets was a visionary and major architect of what later became known as healthcare reform under the Reagan administration.


Tibbets and his team invented the HMO and launched PacifiCare which was acquired by United Healthcare in 2005. Young Company (then known as Speer, Young & Hollander launched and managed PacifiCare through its growing years. It also handled the digital marketing, advertising and PR for a number of hospitals managed by PHR.


As Young’s reputation for creative and innovative digital marketing communications became known in the healthcare digital marketing field, he acquired a number of additional accounts including several acute hospitals and free-standing clinics operated by American Medical International (AMI) out of Beverly Hills, CA. The agency also handled Charter Hospital of Long Beach who specialized in drug and rehabilitation inpatient services.


As a result of having done work for UCLA Santa Monica Hospital, Young was invited to pitch the UCLA Health Network of 16 clinics serving west Los Angeles. The agency produced some outstanding creative work with the help of creative director Cary Sachs.


With our intelligent, research-based approach to healthcare digital marketing, we're able to provide deep market insights, transforming digital marketing strategies into positive ROI and increased consumer engagement. It's our unique approach to target markets where we've built our foundation for excellence in healthcare marketing.


With a significant insurance overhaul of the healthcare sector during the past two years, it is perhaps the most exciting and important time for healthcare digital marketing in history. Understanding your brand's key target audience must go beyond what you'd expect to be the ideal healthcare digital marketing strategy. Having an experienced, outside eye is critical to brand vitality. Solutions to understanding key target markets often goes beyond market research and includes everything from conversion tracking and sales team analytics to brand remodels and target audience insights.


We offer a full-range of digital marketing services including complete internet marketing, public relations, broadcast advertising, print and online advertising, including SEO and web development. With a customized approach to each healthcare digital marketing strategy, we can help your brand reach the forefront of your business and sales goals.

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Technology Digital Marketing Experience

Founded as an industrial advertising agency in 1949, Young Company has evolved to become a top 100 business digital marketing agency in the U.S. and a leading technology marketing agency in Southern California.


In the 1980s Bart Young began to focus on major defense contractors in Southern California such as TRW, Hughes, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon. Our skills in producing high impact advertising and trade show concepts led to bigger assignments from IBM (5 divisions), Toshiba and Samsung (3 divisions).


Our semiconductor experience began with the win of Silicon Systems in 1990 which led to number chipmaker clients including International Rectifier, Microchip Technologies, Microsemi, Philips Semiconductor, Plessy Semiconductor,TDK Semiconductor and Texas Instruments.


The 1990s opened new opportunities in software with 3DSP, Altium, Candle Corporation, Micro Cadam, P-Cad, Quad Design, Scantron Technologies, Viewlogic and a number venture-funded start-ups that were software based such as Agribuys and Learning.net.


Post “tech crash” clients include Advisys, Arbitech, Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Cisco, J2 Global, MobiDic, Pasternack, PDA Engineering, PBNext, Printronix, Kuali, Seiko Instruments, Vivantech and Xiran.


Each technology digital marketing challenge completely unique. Our strength in PR, with two engineer / writers on our team, gives us a major advantage in understanding the true value of our client’s offering. This makes us perhaps one of the best technology digital marketing agencies anywhere. We offer a full-range of marketing services including: Advertising, brand strategy, public relations, digital marketing, Google AdWords management, web development and trade show support.


With an extensive history in marketing for the technology sector, our experience speaks for itself. We've worked with over 100 technology companies and provided full-service marketing for:

-Analytics            -Defense             Technologies             -Electronics             -Hardware             -IT Services             -Software


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