6 Reasons Why WordPress Should be Your Next CMS

6 Reasons Why WordPress Should Be Your Next CMS

So…are YOU looking for your next website CMS? Well, let us show you our favorite option…

At this point in history, WordPress is quite the household name.  Powering hundreds of thousands of websites, WordPress has grown and matured over the years into one (if not the most) powerful and diverse CMS infrastructures around.

But, did you know how EASY and FLEXIBLE WordPress is? We proudly feature WordPress as our preferred platform at YoungCompany, and we made a quick list of the reasons why it works so well for us!

1. WordPress is Easy!

WordPress is simple. Adding new pages, blog posts, images, etc. can be done with ease. By using intuitive, and simple technology, we can reduce the time spent on formatting blog posts, coding, and having to constantly re-imagine your website design…so you can focus on what you are actually good at…YOUR BUSINESS.

6 Reaons Why WordPress Should Be Your Next CMS

2. E-Commerce for Humans

If you need to sell physical products, digital downloads, or just about anything…Wordpress is the answer. By utilizing one of the numerous e-commerce plugins (we love WooCommerce!), you can take your products, and sell them directly from YOUR site. No need for a 3rd party software to publish products…you can do ALL of this from inside of a WordPress dashboard.

3. No Special Editing or Software Needed!

Creating new pages and blog posts, formatting text, uploading images, upload documents, etc. all without the need for additional software. WordPress utilizes the WYSIWYG editor, which is VERY similar to how documents are formatted in programs like Microsoft Word. This way, clients can update their blog with EASE…instead of calling your website support staff.

4. Search Engines & WordPress Sitting in a Tree…

WordPress code is easy for search engines to read. Every page, post, and image has customized meta tag keywords, descriptions, and titles.

YC_Internship_certifications15. 100% Customizable

WordPress acts as the engine for your website. You are able to design your site exactly how you imagine. Your design agency will be able to represent your brand the way you want and share a unique experience with your visitors. By utilizing custom themes, we can develop and design a website that is not only user-friendly, its OWNER friendly.

6. Your Site (and Business!) can Grow Together

WordPress sites are scalable. So, if your business quickly needed to display 49 new products…NO PROBLEM.  The flexibility of a CMS like WordPress allows you to not only create a visually stunning website, it allows you to scale your business in the snap of a finger.  If you wanted to add 40 new pages, you could! If you wanted to take off 5 products, but leave up the other 3 in a specific category, that can happen too!

So, besides the reasons listed above…we love WordPress because IT WORKS.

When you are ready to change up to something that allows your website to grow as your business does…give us a call.  

We can get you set up with a brand new website in less than 30 days.